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About Us

Sunlike Handymen is a dependable one-stop shop for a variety of residential, industrial, and commercial maintenance and repair services.

Sunlike Handymen specializes in a variety of services including handyman, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, door and window services, tiling, waterproofing, and painting.

Our technical team is powerful and professional, and they are constantly ready to help our customers. Highly skilled handymen make up our crew. We're known for our high-quality work and expert dependability, so you can be assured that the project will be completed successfully and swiftly.

We believe in keeping our customers happy by delivering high-quality work and service at a reasonable price! We can do this since we have our own competent technical personnel and a strong team.

Our Mission

Sunlike Handymen is dedicated to providing efficient and effective handyman services focusing on customer service to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves as Singapore's most dependable handyman service. The Sunlike team's ethics, teamwork, and creativity will help us gain our clients' enthusiasm through continual development.

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